Whether you are on a domestic flight to a local destination or flying to unique attractions across the world, it is always advisable to carry a little cash on you. The money can be for buying refreshments at the airport, getting a cab to your hotel upon arrival or emergencies. Nevertheless, carrying a significant amount of cash irresponsibly on a flight can easily draw unwanted attention that could make you a victim of burglary or other unpleasant experiences. Below are tips to keep in mind when traveling on an airline with cash.

Only Carry a Limited Amount of Cash

When traveling within the United States, there is no limit to how much cash you can carry. However, having unusual sums of money can easily raise suspicions of illegal activity at the airport checkpoints. Whenever that happens, you will have to provide proof of the source to the TSA. If they are not satisfied, the TSA could turn you over to the authorities.

For travelers on international flights to or from the United States with other forms of currency like checks, securities or gold coins, you are required to report any amount exceeding $10,000 to the US Customs officials. Regardless of your destination, traveling with larger sums of money could also make you feel very unsafe.

To avoid losing the cash and getting into trouble with custom officials, simply travel with a modest amount of cash. It will ensure greater convenience and also the peace of mind so you can fully focus on the trip.

Split and Conceal your Cash

If you must carry lump sum cash on an airline, always hide it from the public eyes. Begin by splitting the cash into bits that can be easily stuffed into your belongings.  Examples of places to hide cash when traveling include hidden pockets, shoes, belt and wrist wallet. Stash the cash in places that are concealed from rest but, easily accessible to you.

While there are no elaborate restrictions to traveling on an airline with cash, carrying just a limited amount of money and concealing it will make your trip stress-free and light.