Every country usually has its own set of attractions and threats, which travelers should carefully look into when planning trips. Since most of the threats do not immediately come to the attention of the public, governments take the responsibility of constantly updating their citizens about the countries that may be unsafe to travel to. Nevertheless, the following are some of the key travel destinations that you should avoid this year. 


While China remains one of the world’s best travel destinations, it has been lately been in the news for some of the worst reasons. It is where the deadly COVID-19 originated from and, there are still fears that visiting could endanger populations. They have reported containing the virus in most parts of the country but, it is not worth the risk. 


Nicaragua is one of the common tourist destinations in Central America that most people head out for tropical adventures. However, it has lately witnessed several incidences of unrest caused by arbitrary enforcement laws and limited healthcare. The crime rates in the country are also on the rise, making it quite unsafe for travelers.

The Middle East and Africa 

Many countries in the Middle East and Africa have also been hotspots for civil and political unrest for decades. Some of the countries to avoid in those regions include Somalia, Congo, Central African Republic, Mali, Libya, South Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan. 

The Outer Islands 

The Outer Islands like the Exumas and Abacos have been popular tourist retreats in the Bahamas for many years. However, they were also victims of one of the worst storms known as Dorian that badly damaged hotels and impaired tourism activities across the islands. Some airlines have resumed but, the tourism activities down there are still quite on the low. 

Although the travel destinations discussed above boast some of the world’s most iconic sights and sounds, they are also listed as some of the most unsafe places for travelers. While you may still visit those countries, you should take the time to carefully research your destination to avoid any problems.