For some people, travel dispels stereotypes about other people and places. However, some people avoid certain countries due to the stereotypes that make them sound or feel like wrong travel destinations. Here are common stereotypes that some people have about travel.

Paris People Are Rude

Most people stereotypically believe that Paris has the rudest people, especially waiters and waitresses. But this is a stereotype because not every French waiter or waitress is rude. French formalities are the reasons for a cold response. In Paris, waiters consider interrupting a meal impolite, and therefore, avoid your table until you call them. And that’s their local custom. Perhaps, the best way to dispel this stereotype is to understand their traditions and customs before traveling to Paris.

Cruise Travel Makes People Sick

Some people think that viruses are rampant in cruise ships since they trap people in confined spaces. But this is not entirely correct because you can’t get sick unless you interact with a traveler suffering from an infectious illness.

Most people associate Norovirus with cruise ships because one in fifteen people get it every year. However, a cruise passenger has 1 in 5,500 chances of becoming ill with this virus while traveling on a ship. What’s more, cruise ship managements do their due diligence to curb the spread of illnesses during travel.

Everybody in Ireland Drinks Alcohol

You’ve probably heard that Irish people drink throughout the day and fall drunk more often. However, you can’t find a person in a bar at 9 in the morning in Ireland. What’s more, this country has people that don’t drink alcohol. Perhaps, this explains why the World Health Organization has not listed Ireland as the nation with the highest prevalence of binge drinking and regular alcohol consumption.

Ireland’s pub culture is not about drinking. Instead, it is a social scene that brings neighbors together for stories, music, and a few drinks.

You’ll read about things you’ll doubt when choosing and researching your travel destination. Therefore, take your time to differentiate the truth from stereotypes and make more informed travel decisions.